Who is a Life Coach and what is Life Coaching?

The Life Coach is a Personal Change Expert. I am a motivated Coach as I believe in people and their ability to change and reach their goals. I will work hard to understand you and help you understand yourself on a deeper level, working on your self awareness, help you believe in yourself and get the most out of your life. I will challenge you, support you, keep you focused, encourages you to embrace a new empowering perspective, to be honest and direct, hold you accountable and celebrate your achievements. We will address the areas in your life, set better goals and reach those goals, be it short term or long term.

Even though every top level professional has a coach, Fortune 500 CEO’s, professional athletes, Academy Award winners, high-level executives etc., entrepreneurs, big or small business owners, authors, or stay at home mothers also hire life coaches to help them transfer their lives or businesses and help them overcome the hiccups in life. 

Life Coaching is not psychotherapy, we will not focus at your past, rather working on your future, and helping you to achieve changes and growth and using techniques to help you learn how to achieve your goals, and to become an active creator of your life and hopefully you will be able to coach yourself to solve any future problems that arise. Because they just keep coming, right?

Coaching is a partnership and will help you live with greater fulfillment. We will identify your goals, the obstacles, explore strategies, find solutions and celebrate as you achieve your goals. Together!

To succeed, you will need to dig deeper before you can reach higher. We will create a customized plan that you will follow and I will hold you accountable and on target.


Benefits of Life Coaching

Letting go of unforgiveness and resentment

Identify what you really want for your future

Feel empowered to become who you are meant to be

Set healthy boundaries

Realize your authentic self, strengths and gifts

Build your self esteem and confidence

Move forward in life

Discover how to create positive life changes

Improve communication and social skills

Start to live your life on purpose

Reach your goals


Live your dreams

Gain tools and strategies to cope with life pressures

Find your unique purpose and passion

Create a balanced life

Progress in your relationship

Reduce stress and be less overwhelmed

Form stronger family bonds

Feel empowered

Find a new path and move forward

Change your life for a better

Break free of the anxiety and the fear of unknown

Achieve independence in a healthy way

Focus on getting healthier in areas

Manage your emotions

Take back control

Learn how to communicate your feelings to others

Control your behaviour

Develop healthy relationships

Date without losing yourself in the process


 Coaching Relationship

This relationship is based on trust, clear communication and transparency. The sessions are non judgmental and supportive, where you can get to be yourself and cheered along the way, through an individualized coaching style.

I will listen, make requests, reflect, assist, ask important questions, help you see your strength, offer suggestions, give perspectives, encourage you and offer advice, options and support. I will believe in you, cheer you on, hold you accountable and we will celebrate every little success along the way. I’ll be your support system for change,  help you in solving your own problems and just like the soccer coach, I cannot kick that goal for you but I will coach you, support you and cheer you on to kick it!

Every correspondence will be confidential and I will not try to manipulate you or influence you to do anything you do not want to do. But I will ask you to attend our sessions on time, fully prepared , focused, committed, always truthful, as I can only do my best if you are also willing to give your best. We can’t dance tango if one of us is is being dragged, right? I will not judge, blame or make you feel inadequate in any way.

I want you to get the most out of this partnership and for that I will need you to follow the guidelines and maximize the value of this coaching relationship. I like the private  1-on-1 sessions, as I can effectively analyse the clients and offer a more in-depth session. I also like to keep in contact with my clients through emails, calls and texts as I am genuinely interested in their growth.

The length of our coaching agreement will be up to you. Though it is more beneficial to commit to a 3-4 months of weekly coaching, some people wants to be coached for a particular issue, and then they stay as long term clients while they tackle other issues in their lives, while others just need a few powerful sessions. As long as you find benefit in my coaching, and you feel you grow and learn, it is completely your decision if you’d like to carry on after our sessions of the contracted period has finished.


What do I need from you during coaching?

Coaching will only succeed if you want to be coached as well. I will need you to :

Treat yourself better

Take care of yourself

Take charge of your life

Remove sources of stress

Raise your standards

Avoid toxic people and situations

Let go of habits and beliefs that no longer serve your best interest

Don’t blame, don’t suffer, don’t complain

Be open minded

Be truthful to yourself

Question your current assumptions

Leave your comfort zone

Commit to change



Set larger goals

Seek support / help in handling a problem

Live out your own values and goals

Work on what you want

Don’t give up!