Personal Coaching Session

What can we work on?

Anything! Personal OR professional issues. Whatever your unique situation or wish is. Whether you want more from life and not sure what it is, or a specific problem you want to address. If you neglect your Mind, Body or Spirit, it will cause imbalance.  Nothing is too trivial if it worries you, if you feel lost, stuck, frustrated, sad or angry about something, its worth your attention.

Raise self-esteem and build confidence


Physical deformation

Too much is happening and you are losing yourself

Improve your relationships, be it romantic, family, friends or co-workers

Uncover and overcome self-limiting beliefs, behaviours, mindsets

Stressful changes in life, work, or family

Self Acceptance, Self Worth, Self Care

Saying “No”

Setting boundaries

Getting organized

Discover your life purpose

Turning dream into reality

Discover and learn to be your authentic self

Personal development

Your values

Start a new business or improve an existing one,

Career choices, change career paths

Next career move

Achieve the work-life balance

Anxiety issues

Dealing with pressure and stress

Increased performance

Slowing down

Decluttering your life

Reconnecting with yourself

Self discovery

Even getting a new wardrobe


Career / Business Coaching Session

How do you know you need Business Coaching?

According to Forbes:

1. When you are overwhelmed 

2. You need a confidant to talk about your business with

3. You intellectually know what to do, but don't do it

4. You aren't getting the results you want

5. You want your company to grow

6. You want to save time and money

7. You find yourself listening only to your own ideas

8. You are feeling stuck and frustrated by others

I can help you:

To find out where you are failing

To avoid some highly expensive errors

To decide how and when to grow

To navigate and choose resources

When you are struggling with concept

With steps of how  to build your company

Finding and working on your professional vision and mission

Working on short and long term goals and putting them into action

To refine business ideas

To organize you company

Help you if you are feeling unhappy at work

If you want to work on balance between work and private life

If you are thinking to change your career or simply want to work towards that promotion

And if you are a business owner or just setting up your company:

I help you comb through your company, to help you build a great business or reevaluate an already existing one, as my to-the-point questions will guide you and make you rethink what you need to change or do and how, so you can raise your profit and sustain a successful company. 


Accountability Coaching Session

If you have ALREADY worked your goals out,  be it personal or professional, but you could really do with someone who will:

hold you accountable

keep your eyes on your goal

meet your deadline

motivate you

empower you to believe in yourself   

to become more organized

won't let you slack behind,

support and push you  

stop you in overthinking  

cheer you on if you fall back

to help you stay consistent and follow through

to be accountable to yourself FOR yourself.

yet won't let you:

shift blame

find excuses

get stuck or delayed in reaching your goals



over anticipate