Happy Clients


Csilla is just like her name, unique and outstanding. She is an amazing soul who never gives up on a person or situation. She came as a sun during my dark days, enlightening my mind and my negativity to an extreme soothing level. Whatever I am today is because of her sheer efforts and perseverance. Just like one cannot question the gems, she has her purity with her dedication and sincerity towards her study on human behaviour. Her keeping me accountable really helped me achieve my goals.

Sanjeev Raj - Director at Harsh Pumps and Hydraulics

Csilla sunny nature, deep understanding, and international exposure, makes her an ideal life coach.. I have known her personally for over 7 years and would recommend her as a life coach without hesitation. Always so much for her teach, very patient and understanding and non judgmental....A PERFECT COACH..................... 5/5

Dr. Arvind C Kacker - Director at Delhi Ent Hospital, Senior Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor,  Ent and Sleep Apnea Doctor

Csilla is an excellent listener and very good at solving problems. She has an effervescent personality and is efficient and resourceful when it comes to problem solving. She has helped me immensely to overcome some of the difficulties in my life and I would recommend her services to anybody that needs them.

Daniel Warriner - System Administrator

It’s nice to have people that actually care about you, question what you are doing. By doing so, Csilla really actually made me go further into WHY and it was a question I didn't have a clear answer to, until i started to open up to her about it. I would never be where I am now with such a clear vision if it were not for Csilla being there to laughing with me, question me, never be afraid to say what she feels, and so on. Thanks for being you.

Steven Moreti - Actor

Csilla is an excellent Life Coach. She gently helped me guide through some blockages due to childhood trauma,. After the last coaching session I finally had clarity and I was able to take action towards a joyful future. I would highly recommend Csilla to anyone who feels stuck and needs help.

Anna Rostas - Artist

When I met Csilla James, I can honestly say my personal life and professional life were very messy. I lacked sense of direction and maybe even purpose. She helped me see the areas that I needed to address and which steps to take in order to achieve the necessary change. It has been two years since out first session and not one day goes by that I am not very grateful for reaching out to her.

Sabrina Sa - Fitness instructor